How to register your team?

STEP 1: Gather your friends to form a team. Remember: 10 players, 5 women, 5 men. You don’t need the final list of all players before entering the pre-registration.

STEP 2: One person, the team captain, fills out the application form below before March 30th. Give us some info or simply blow us away with your application!

STEP 3: We will send a confirmation to the lucky teams who made it in. After this confirmation each player will receive a personalised payment invitation link by mail.

Note: there is no team fee. Each player can choose their own accommodation setup (see pricing). Of course we will try to group teams close to each other on the camp site.

Application form

Team captains will be the main point of contact
Tell us a bit about your teams history and why it is a dreamteam
This is your dreamteam's sales pitch to join DreamTeamFest
Please enter 1 name per line


Make sure you have your team set first! Once you got that covered, read on.


Start composing your DreamTeam. Remember: 10 players, 5 women, 5 men.
When you’ve got your team (or at least a significant part of it), fill out the application form.


Application time is over.
If you have not applied to join DreamTeam Fest before this date, you are out of luck.
Spots are very limited so make sure you’re on time!


Teams that caught our attention, will receive an email with the next steps explained.


Payment for your team members will be due.
Teams who bail out will drop down to the bottom of the waiting list.
First in line will take their place.

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